The Writings of Charles Wisner Barrell Index

From The Shakespeare Fellowship News-Letter (American) 1940 – 1943

1. June-July 1940 – Is Not Oxford Here Another Anchor?

2. Oct to Dec 1940 – Arthur Golding: The Uncle of Edward de Vere, And the Intimate Part He Played in the Development of Shakespeare’s Creative Genius

3. June 1941 – The Secret of Shakespeare’s Irish Sympathies: Once Again Lord Oxford’s Own Personality Speaks Through the Plays

4. August 1941 – Shakespeare’s “Fluellen” Identified As a Retainer of the Earl of Oxford

5. Dec 1941 to Oct 1942 – “Shake-speare’s” Own Secret Drama: Discovery of Hidden Facts in the Private Life of Edward de Vere, Proves Him Author of the Bard’s Sonnets (in six parts)

6. December 1942 – “Shakespeare’s” Unknown Home On the River Avon Discovered: Edward de Vere’s Ownership of a Famous Warwickshire Literary Retreat Indicates Him as the True “Sweet Swan of Avon”

7. February 1943 – He is Dead and Gone, Lady: The Tragic Comedy of the Birth and Death of “Shakespeare’s” Lost Heir

8. April 1943 – King of Shreds and Patches: An Examination of the Alleged Credentials of Sir Edward Dyer as the “Great Reviser” of the Shakespearean Works

9. June 1943 – Creative Calendar: An Illuminating Shaw-Shakespeare Parallel with Ben Jonson’s Testimony

10. August 1943 – The Real Sir Edward Dyer: The Facts of His Life versus the Fiction of Alden Brooks

11. October 1943 – Who Was John Soothern? New Facts Relating to the Identification of the Mysterious Author of Pandora, 1584

From The Shakespeare Fellowship Quarterly (American) 1944 – 1948

12. January 1944 – Matinee at the Swan: A Topical Interlude in Oxford-Shakespeare Research

13. April 1944 – Newly Discovered Oxford-Shakespeare Pictorial Evidence

14. July 1944 – Lord Oxford As Supervising Patron of Shakespeare’s Theatrical Company

15. October 1944 – New Milestone in Shakespearean Research: Contemporary Proof that the Poet Earl of Oxford’s Literary Nickname was “Gentle Master William”

16. January 1945 – “The Sole Author of Renowned Victorie”: Gabriel Harvey Testifies In the Oxford-Shakespeare Case

17. April 1945 – Earliest Authenticated “Shakespeare” Transcript Found With Oxford’s Personal Poems: A Solution of the Significant Proximity of Certain Verses in a Unique Elizabethan Manuscript Anthology

18. April 1945 – Rare Military Volume Sponsored by Lord Oxford Issused By “Shakespeare’s” First Publisher: John Harrison the Elder Provides Significant Link Between The Defence of Militarie Profession And First Questos of the Bard’s Poems

19. July 1945 – The Wayward Water-Bearer Who Wrote “Shake-speare’s” Sonnet 109

20. October 1945 – “Creature of Their Own Crating”: An Answer to the Present Day School of Shakespearean Biography

21. January 1946 – Exploding the Ancient Play Cobbler Fallacy: Contemporary Evidence Proving Shakespeare Himself Chief Victim of Play Pirates

22. April 1946 – A Literary Pirate’s Attempt to Publish The Winter’s Tale in 1594: Significant Facts Testifying to the Early Composition of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Jealousy

23. July 1946 – The Playwright Earl Publishes “Hamlet’s Book”: Facts Regarding Edward de Vere’s Personal Interest In a Work which Stimulated “Shakespeare’s” Creative GeniusThe Playwright Earl Publishes “Hamlet’s Book”: Facts Regarding Edward de Vere’s Personal Interest In a Work which Stimulated “Shakespeare’s” Creative Genius

24. October 1946 – Shakespeare’s Henry V Can Be Identified As “Harry of Cornwall” In Henslowe’s Diary: Research Stimulated to Completion by Laurence Olivier’s Great Film Solves a Chronological Mystery

25. October 1946 – Proof that Shakespeare’s Thought and Imagery Dominate Oxford’s Own Statement of Creative Principles: A Discussion of the Poet Earl’s 1573 Letter To the Translator of “Hamlet’s Book”

26. Spring 1947 – Queen Elizabeth’s Master Showman Shakes a Spear in Her Defense: Revealing Sidelights on a Dramatic Chapter in the Life History of the Poet Earl of Oxford, Now Reproduced for the Study of Members of The Shakespeare Fellowship

27. Autumn 1947 – New Proof that “Henry VIII” Was Written Before the Spring of 1606New Proof that “Henry VIII” Was Written Before the Spring of 1606

28. Winter 1947-48 – Dr. John Dover Wilson’s “New” Macbeth Is a Masterpiece Without a Master: But Oxford-Shakespeare Research Again Fills the Void

29. Spring 1948 – Rarest Contemporary Description of “Shakespeare” Proves Poet to Have Been a Nobleman: Vivid Word-Portrait by Thomas Edwards, Long Declared “Unidentifiable” by the Stratford experts, Yields Its Secrets Under X-Ray of Oxford Documentation

30. Summer 1948 – Oxford vs. Other “Claiments” of the Edwards Shakespearean Honors, 1593

31. Autumn 1948 – John Lyly as Both Oxford’s and Shakespeare’s “Honest Steward”

32. Autumn 1948 – “In deed as in name—Vere nobilis for he was W . . (?) . .”: Shakespearean Master of Revels Discusses the Oxford Mystery In Partly Burned Manuscript, Now Fully Transcribed

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