Complete Works of Nicholas Breton, Richard Barnfield, John Davies, and Giles Fletcher

The Works in Verse and Prose of Nicholas Breton, Volume I (PDF)

A Flourish Upon Fancie
Pilgrimage to Paradise
Countess of Pembroke’s Passion
Arbor of Amorous Deuices
Pasquil’s Madcappe
Pasquil’s Foole’s Cappe
Pasquil’s Passe and Passeth not
Melancholike Humours
A Solemne Passion
Rauisht Soule and Blessed Weeper
Longing of a Blessed Heart
The Soule’s Harmony
Mother’s Blessing
Passionate Shepheard
Soule’s Immortal crown
True description of Vnthankfulnesse
Honour Of Valour
Invective Against Treason
I Would and I Would Not
Daffodils and Primroses
Amoris Lachrimae, and Gleanings

The Works in Verse and Prose of Nicholas Breton, Volume II (PDF)

Auspicante Jehoua
Wit’s Trenchmour
Wil of Wit, etc. etc
Strange Fortunes of Two Excellent Princes
Crossing of Proverbs
Figure of Foure
Wonders Worth Hearing
A Poste with a Packet of Mad Letters
A Mad World
A Dialogue Of Pithe, etc.
Grimello’s Fortunes
Olde Man’s Lesson
I Pray You Be Not Angrie
A Mumurer
Divine Considerations
Wit’s Private Wealth
Characters Upon Essies
Good and Bad
Strange Newes
Courtier and Countryman
Character of Queen Elizabeth
Glossarial Index


The Complete Poems of Richard Barnfield (PDF)



The Complete Poems of John Davies, Volume I (PDF)

Of Humane Knowledge
Of the Soule of Man and the Immortalitie Thereof
Hymnes of Astraea
Orchestra, or A Poeme of Dauncing
Dedications: I. To His Very Friend, Ma. Rich Martin II. To the Prince
Orchestra, or A Poeme of Dauncing

The Complete Poems of John Davies, Volume II (PDF)

Epitaph and Epigram
Gullinge Sonnets
Dedicatory Sonnet–To His Good Freinde Sr Anth. Cooke
Gullinge Soneets
Minor Poems
Hitherto Unpublished Poems
Miscellaneous Poems
Entertainment of Queen Elizabeth at Harefield by the Countesse of Derby
The Complainte of the V Satyres against the Nymphs


The Complete Poems of Giles Fletcher (PDF)

Christ’s Victorie and Trivmphe
Epistle Dedicatory to Nevile
Nethersole to Dr Nevyle
To the Reader
Preliminary Poems by Phineas Fletcher and Nethersole
Christ’s Victorie in Heaven
Christ’s Victorie on Earth
Christ’s Trvumph over Death
Christ’s Trvumph after Death
Latin Verses by the Author at End
Appendix, Containing ‘Lines’ from the Engravings of the Edition of 1640

Canto on the Death of Queen Elizabeth from ‘Sorrowe’s Joy’
After Petronius
Translation-Verses from ‘Reward of the Faithfull