Oxford Chronology 1550s

August 21, 1500: Will of Sir George Veer, Knight.

In the name of god amen. I Geo[rge] Veer K[nigh]t, being in sound mind and good memory the 21/8/1500 [Friday] make my testament containing my last will in this wise:

Firstly: I commend my soul to almighty god, the blessed virgin Mary and all the saints and my body to be buried in the Priory chapel of E[arls] C[olne] before the altar there called earl Rich[ard]’s altar.

Item: I will the monastery celebrate a Trrental in the aforesaid chape thirty days consecutively after the burial of my body with expositions and Masses paying the celebrating Prior and Convent ==1d.

Item: I will have twelve paupers to say Exegesis and Masses and pray in honour of the Twelve Apostles.

Item: I will that the same twelve paupers receive the sacrament before the altar and say daily prayers in honour of the holy trinity and ave marias [salutation of the angel] in honour of the blessed virgin Mary and Apostles bells in honour of the Twelve Apostles and the said paupers daily to recite in English for the soul of Geo[rge] Veer and the souls of all the faithful dead.

Item: I will that my executors continue after the thirty days to find a suitable secular priest to celebrate the Trental on S[ain]t Gregory each year thus the priest to begin everyday the Exegesis about an hour after nine with praise and commendation for pater in rubrica at the same Trental.

Item: I will the said priest to appoint [&]carry throught [sic] every day aforesaid consecutively without prayers and lamentations.

Item: I will every day the paupers continuously to have exeguis and another daily Mass for christain souls and I will poor women the poor men every Sabbath day in the aforesaid year the glorification of the Virgin Mary.

Item: I will that my executors deliver and pay to the beforementioned Prior for his interest of the Exegesis and Masses 13s4d and to pay the aforesaid Priory 7£ in lawful money of England to be distributed to their brotherhood for the same office.

Item: I will that my executors pay the Prior 3£15s to be distributed amongst the beforenamed poor for the aforesaid thirty days, also, I will that my executors pay the aforesaid priest celebrating the Trental for holy Gregory 13£6s8d for his duty that year.

Item: I bequeath the same priest a gown of the value of 20s.

Item: I will my executors deliver and pay to the priest aforenamed 3£ distributing every day through the year to the poor who attended the Exegesis and Masses for their service 2d and offering bread.

Item: I will every Sabbath day in the abovesaid thirty days to the Twelve poor women in recompense and the Twelve men who prayed [unclear].

Item: I bequeath to the altars of the church of Castle Hedingham 10d in compensation for tithes and offerings.

Item: I leave the lord of the monastery of Hedingham aforesaid for the sustiation [sic] of the same house a hundred mature sheep so not only they might sell but also use to sustenance and profit of the house itself.

Item: I bequeath the ordained brothers of S[ain]t Francis at Colchester 13s4d for Exegesis and requiem Mass. Item: I leave the ordained Carmelite Brothers at Maldon 13s4d to have Exegesis and requiem Mass.

Item: I bequeath to the ordained Dominican Brothers at Chelmsford for them to have the same service 13s4d, similarly I only leave the Augustinian Brothers at Clare 13s4d.

Item: I leave my executors 40£ to distribute amongst my family on the day of my burial.

Item: I leave Marg[are]t my wife 40£ and all my silver vessels called the plate with all utensils given me.

Item: I leave my daughter Eliz[abeth] one heavy gold chain 26£ when Eliz[abeth] herself completes 14yr and if she pass away from this life before the said estate then I will that the aforesaid chain be sold and after that [unclear] by my executors be disposed.

Item: I leave my daughter Marg[are]t one heavy gold chain 26£ when Marg[are]t herself comes to complete the time of 14yr and if she pass away from this life before the said estate I will the aforesaid chain be sold and the money after be disposed by my executors.

Item: I leave my daughter Dorothy another heavy chain of 26£ at the aforesaid time and the money similarly disposed.

Item: I will one missal of the poor and one silver chalice be bought by my executors and my priest aforesaid to have the use of the book and chalice and shall celebrate for my help and after I will that the abovesaid book and chalice remain at the altar where Rob[er]t de Veer, Earl of Oxford is buried.

Item: I will that all my tenements with the app[urtenance]s being in Colchester be sold by my executors and that the money coming thereof to be disposed in the performance and execution of my testament and last will truly by my executors aforesaid.

Item: I will one seemly black gown be bought for the celebrant priest by my executors and that the said priest shall celebrate for the welfare of my soul and have the use of the same and after to remain at the aforesaid altar with the book and chalice where the said Rob[er]t is buried.

Item: I bequeath [to] the high altar of the Priory of Colne 7£ [and?] a great ancient chalice.

Item: I will my wife deliver for gilding the same chalice 3£.

Item: I leave the Convent of the Dominican Brothers at Cambridge 40s for them to celebrate Exegesis and Mass.

Item: I bequeath [what? the same?] [to] the Abbot and Convent of S[ain]t Osithes for them to celebrate Exegesis and Mass for my soul.

Item: I leave the high altar of the aforesaid Priory one corporale and covering with one part made from my arms, the other part purple velvet.

Item: I will that all my money not bequeathed be distributed by my wife and my sons according to the discretion and authority of lord J[oh]n de Veer, [13th] Earl of Oxford, my well beloved brother whom I ordain and make and constitute supervisor of my testament and last will, the residue of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to Marg[are]t my wife, Rich[ard] FitsLew[e]s father [in-law?], J[oh]n Eyer Prior of the Priory of E[arls] C[olne] and W[illia]m Cooke dd [D.D.?] whom I ordain, make and constitute my true executors and that they dispose of it for the welfare of my soul these to witness: J[oh]n Osplett and M[aste]r Tho[ma]s Goodknapp ma [M.A. ?] and W[illia]m Okley, with others given the day and year above written.

[Annotation within the records of the Parish immediately following the main body of the will.]

this document being made 24/12/1502 [Saturday] and annexed to this testament and my last will given by me the testator Geo[rge] Veer, K[nigh]t, concerning the leaving of certain legacies besides the wishes I said in my testament above written, viz: Firstly, I leave J[oh]n Veer, my son and heir, one seal of the best gold called the Signet. Item: I leave the same son my one ring of similar gold with a ruby in the same. Item: I leave Rich[ard] FitsLewes, K[nigh]t, my kinsman [how so a kinsman?] one full length gown of velvet and lined with fur. Item: I bequeath to those of my servants, viz: Mary Lee, Edith Barnes, Ja[me]s Popley, Yoni Aleyn, J[oa]n [or John ?] Codwell and J[oh]n [or Joan?] Jegun one of my gowns at the discretion of Marg[are]t my wife to these things in the said testament I set my seal and apply my hand the day and year aforesaid. the above written will was proved with one document attached to the same before the venerable M[aste]r Roger Church, Doctor of the Prereogative [sic] Church of Christ at Canterbury, the See of the Archbishop in the same place, commissioned the 3/4/1503 [Monday, April 3, 1503] by the oath of Marg[are]t the relict, and Father J[oh]n Eyer, Prior of Colne [Priory], executors named in this will, and it is approved and entered and the administration of all and singular the goods and debts of the said deceased was committed to the before stated executors, to well and faithfully and under one agreement and assent to administer and to plainly and faithfully exhibit an Inventory about Easter next, and also render a plain and true account to swear on the holy Gospels; power reserved also for a similar commission to be made for other executors named in the will when they come.
J[oh]n More 1502.
April 22, 1502.

1. Margaret Veer: wife of testator. Daughter of Sir William Stafford.
2. Elizabeth Veer: Daughter of testator. m. Sir Anthony Wingfield.
3. Dorothy Veer: Daughter of testator. m. John Neville, Lord Latimer. (Dorothy is ancestor to Diana Cecil and, through her descent from the 10th Earl, Henry, 18th Earl of Oxford.)
4. Margaret Veer: Daughter of testator.
5. Ursula Veer. (Not mentioned in will.)
6. John Veer: Son of testator. 14th Earl of Oxford.
7. Unnamed sons: Testator uses plural in reference to sons. John and George? But George is thought to have died 1498.
8. Robert de Veer, Earl of Oxford. Could be 3rd, 5th or 6th Earl of Oxford.
9. John de Veer, 13th Earl of Oxford. Brother of George.
10. Richard Fitslews: Richard FitzLewes. Referred to as Father.
11. Brothers of Saint Francis at Colchester (Franciscans.) Mendicant order founded by Saint Francis in the 13th century.
12. Carmelite Brothers at Maldon. White Friars. Mendicant order founded at Mount Carmel, Palestine in the 12th century.
13. Dominican Brothers at Chelmsford. Black Friars. Mendicant order founded by Saint Dominic.
14. Augustinian Brothers at Clare. Order following the rule of Saint Augustine of Hippo.
15. Abbot and Convent of Saint Osyths. Church (of SS Peter and Paul) and Priory date from the 13th century. Essex.
16. John Eyer, Prior of the Priory of Earls Colne.
17. William Cooke
18. John Osplett.
19. Thomas Goodknapp.
20. William Okley.
21. Mary Lee.
22. Edith Barnes.
23. James Popley.
24. Yoni Aleyn.
25. Joan or John Codwell.
26. Joan or John Jegun.
27. Roger Church, Doctor of the Prereogative Church of Christ at Canterbury.
28. John More.

1. Trental: A series of 30 Requiems celebrated one each day for 30 days.
2. Exegesis: Explanation of Scripture.

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Feb 16, 1524: Order regarding Woolsey and the 14th Earl of Oxford.

An order made by the reverend Father in God Thomas Woolsey Cardinall of England by direccon from the Kinge to Lymitt John Earle of Oxenford in the orderinge of his expenses of houshold and other his affaires in his yonger yeares as allsoe for his demeanor towarde the Countesse his wife in the xvth yeare of Henry H. 8.

ffrste it is ordered by the most reverend Father in God, Thatt to th’ intent the said Earle yett beinge younge and nott att anie fordele to maintaine a great and ordinarie house maie not onelie by example of other have better experience and knowledge here after of such thinges as bee requisite for him to knowe in that behalfe but alsoe by spareinge and moderate expences in the beginninge of his youth bee more aboundantlie furnished beforehand for the supportacon and maintenance of those and other charges when the Cause shall require, and in the meane time bee the better able to serve the Kinges grace as shall appertaine, The same Earle shall incontinentlie dissolve discharge and breake his houshold, Soejourninge hee and the Ladie his wife theire familie and servantes hereafter to bee menciond wth His ffathr in Lawe the duke of Norffolke at such convenientt prizes for theire boardes as betweene the same duke and the Ladie Dutchesse his wife and the said Earle of Oxford by mediacon of his ffreindes can be accorded Covenanted and agreed.

Item it is further Ordered thatt for the good Councell to bee givenn and due service to bee done vnto the said Earle and the Countesse his wife as well in orderinge of his landes as otherwise they shall have the number of officers and servants vnder written (viz) for his landes John Josselin to be his Auditor. And Surveior and Receiver of the same and for the said service of them both one Chaplyn, twoe gent, six yeomen, three Groomes, and three horsekeepers wth a page, Twoe Gentle Women and one Chamberer to attend vppon the Ladie his wife, Of wch said menn and women servantes nowe to be deputed chosen and assigned the said Earle of Oxenford shall wth all diligence certife the names in writeinge vnto the said moste Reverend Father to the intentt thatt uppon inquirie and knowledge had of theire sadnes good demeanr and fidelity they maie bee by him approved or not beinge found of such quality reiected and accepted. And semblablie from time to time the said moste reverend Fathr in God shall approve such officers and servantes as hee shall thinke good to bee about the said Earle and Countesse his wife for theire most Weale Honour and profitte, And them vppon theire merittes or demerites to accepte or expell att his pleasure, Wherevnto the said Earle shall at all seasons bee conformable Nott admitteinge or takeinge into his service anie person but such as shalbee by the said most reverend Fathr soe allowed and approved (as aforsaid).

Item the said officers and servauntes and everie of them from time to time being shalbee takenn vsed and ordered as officers and servantes indifferentlie to the said Earle and Ladie his wife beinge obedienttt to theire service and good comandemtes wthoutt anie speciall Lymitacon, of anie of the said officers or menn servauntes to bee either the said Earles or the said Countesse servauntes onelie, whereby there should appere or arise anie particuler or partiall distinccon some of them to belonge vnto the said Earle and some to the said Countesse.

Item the said Earle of Oxford shall sadlie moderatelie and wth temperance and discretionn vse himselfe from time to time as well in his expenses as in his diett, and other his daillie conversacons forbearing to make or passe anie Graunte of Annutie office or otherwise but by the advise and consentt of the said most reverend Fathr in escheweinge the greate decaie of his Landes and hindrance of his substance, semblably for conservacon of healthe and avoidinge sundrie inconveniences hee shall have vigilant regard thatt hee vse not much to drink hott wines, ne to drinke or sitte up Late or accostome himself wth hotte or unwholsome meates contrary to his complection whereby hee may bee broughte into infirmitie and disease.

Item the said Earle shall alsoe moderate his huntinge or other Disporte or haunteinge or vseinge the same excessiuely daily or customably But onely at such tymes and seasons as maie bee convenient for the Weale and recreacon of his Bodie and as by the saddest and moste discreeteste of his servauntes shalbee advised and thought expedientt.

Item in all the othre the gestures and behaviours of the saide Earle he shall vse himselfe honobly prudently and sadlie forbearinge all riotous and wild companies excessiue and superfluous apparell, And namely hee shall as to a nobleman apperteigneth Loveingly familarlie and kindlye intreat and demeane himself towarde the said Countesse his wife as there may bee perfecte Love Concord and vnitie engendered nourished and continewed betweene them as to the lawes of God, and for bringeinge forth fruite and childrenn betweene them to Gods pleasure doth apperteigne, wherein the said Earle shall speciallie see thatt hee give not eare and harkeninge vnto simple or euill tongued personns wch ffor particuler malice or to attaine ffavor thankes or otherwise shall contrive sedicous and slanderous reporte betweene them, But like a Nobleman shall cherishe Loue and entertaine the said Countesse his wife wth all gentlenes and kindnes to bee vsed eithr to othr And generallie the said Earle shall discreetly substantially and sadly Governe vse behave and order himself in all his actes demeanores gestures and proceedings as to such a Nobleman doth and shall appertaine, ffor observacon of wch premisses deuised by the Kinge speciall comandemt: for the politiq’ ordering weale and increase of the said Earle (as aforsaid) Nott onely hee standeth Bound wth sufficientt suretes to the said most reuerend Fathr (Thatt is to saie) hee himselfe in the some of Twoe Thousand Powndes and sixe suretes everie of them in ffive Hundred markes. But alsoe theise presente Articles in papers indented Tripartite the one remayneinge wth the same most reuerend Fathr, anothr wth the said Earle, and the Third wth the Executors of the Laste Will and Testamt of the Late Earle of Oxford signed wth all theire Handes bee alternately and interchangeably deliuered eithr to othr, The 16th day of ffebruarie the 15th yeare of the Kinges raigne [16 Feb. 1524].

F. Carkis.
John Oxenford Ebor. [Woolsey]

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April 17, 1550: Privy Council Authorization of baptismal cup for Edward De Vere.

[Oxford was born 12 April 1550, as recorded in Burghley’s Diary and by Percival Golding.]

[BL MS Add. 5751A, f. 283 (formerly 291), addressed: ‘To our loving frende Sir Anthony Aucher Knight Master of the Kinges Iuelles and plate.’]

The kynges maiestes pleasure by our advise is that ye delyver vnto Phillip Manwaring gentleman Vssher to the Kinges maiestie one standing cup guilte with a cover weing twentye and seven ounces quarter by hym to be delyuered as the kinges maiestes guyft at the Christening of our very goode Lorde the Erle of Oxfordes Sonne / And these our lettres shalbe your sufficient warraunte and discharge therin Youen [=Given] at the Kinges maiesties mannour at Grenewich the xvijth of Aprell the iiijth yere of his highnes moast prosperous Reigne King Edward the sixte 1550.

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 December 21, 1552: Will of the 16th Earl of Oxford

[BL MS Stowe Charter 633 (formerly Ashburnham) (21 December 1552)]

[Note: This is John de Vere’s second known will (the first being the will, now lost, made in 1548 at Somerset’s direction). This will reveals that Lady Mary Vere was not yet born as of 28 January 1554, the date of the memorandum.]

In the Name of god Amen. This is the laste wille and Testament of me Iohn de Veer Erle of Oxford Vicounte Bulbecke Lorde Scales and Lorde Badlesmere beying of hooll mynde & p{er}fyte remembraunce and by the grace of the Allmyghtie god in Catholyke Love and Charytie with all the worlde made and by me declared this oon & Twentye daye of Decembre in the yere of o{u}r Lorde god a Thowsande fyve Hundred ffyftye & twoo And in the Syxthe yere of the Reign of o{u}r mooste gracyous & Souereign Lorde Edward the Sixt by the grace of god of Ingland ffraunce & Ireland kyng defendo{u}r of the fayethe and in earthe of the Churche of Ingland & Ireland Supreame hedd, in maner & forme followyng ffurste I Com{m}ytt and co{m}mend my sowle to the eternall god my Maker & Creator and to Ih{es}u Christe his only begotten Sonne conceyved by the hoolye gooste and borne of the Vyrgyn Mary my Savyour and Redemer By the merytes of whoes deathe & bludsheddyng I doo stedfastly beleve by the grace that the hoolye gooste hathe wrought w{i}thin me to be savyd, and not to be Iustyfied by eny good deede that euer I did. for I knoweledge that all the Deedes & woorkes that ever I wrought were they never so righteous, be but as filthynes in the sight of god concernyng my salvac{i}on. This hope is laide vp in my bosome, trustyng in the ffather the Sonne and in the holie gooste whome I doo beleve to be three p{er}sonnes and but oone Allmyghtye & eternall god, that when my bodye shall lose the vse of this mortall lyfe, then throughe this my faythe, my Spiryte shall reste with Abraham Isaac & Iacob Secondarylie I Co{m}mytt my bodye to the earthe from whence it cam, And I will that my Sepulture be made in the bodye of the Churche of Erles Colne, as by the discrecyon of myn Executo{u}rs shall seeme mooste convenyent, and therein my bodye to be laide in convenyent tyme after my departure owte of this Worlde, And also at the Daye of my buryall I wille that oone Sermon be made by some catholike lerned man to the edificac{i}on of all those that shalbe present at my obsequye. Thurdlie I bequethe my goodes and p{ar}t of my Land{es} & Ten{emen}t{es} to the worlde, to be distributed as hereafter followeth, that is to saye I vtterlie and cleerely forsake Renounce & Repell all & singuler willes Testament{es} bequest{es} & legacyes at any tyme or in any wyse by me heretofore willed declared or spoken And this I doo Ordeyne Constitute & make my only laste wille & Testament and noon other Also I wille that my howse wherein I shall haue and keepe my howsehold at the tyme of my decesse, by the clemency & p{er}myssyon of my said mooste gracyous Soueraign Lorde the Kyng shalbe maynteyned & kept by myn Executo{u}rs after my deathe with and of my Stores of Oxen bullock{es} sheepe fowles fysshe malte wheate & other lyke p{ro}vysyon of victuell{es} grayne and spice vntill the ende of oone Moonethe next after my decesse in as ample and large man{er} as I my self kept and maynteyned the same duryng the moonethe next before my deathe without dymynuc{i}on of eny of my howsehold seru{a}u{n}tes or of any other whiche shall fortune to dwell & Remayne in my said howse at my decesse, save suche as will voluntarylie departe owte & from the same Also I give and bequethe vnto eu{er}ye of my servauntes beyng in my wages at the tyme of my decease, his quarters wagies, in the whiche I shall fortune to departe oute of this transsytory lyfe Also I give and bequethe vnto the Boxe for the poore in Castell Hedyngham Sibbell Hedingh{a}me Nether Yeldh{a}me Ouer Yeldh{a}me Tylbury iuxta Clare Wyvenhoo Gestyngthorpe Lammarshe Toppisfeld Cokfeld Erles Colne Wakescolne Whyte Colne Gaynscolne Saynt Swythynes p{ar}ysshe at London Stone Lavenh{a}me Estbergholte Taddingston Aldh{a}me Swaffham Bulbek and toward the rep{ar}ac{i}on of the Highe waye ledying from Erles Colne to Coggeshall, that ys to saye for the rep{ar}ac{i}on of the said highe waye Ten powndes, And the Some of ffortie pownd{es} of lawfull money of Ingland to be devided and distributed emong{es} the said Townes according to the discrecyon of myn Executors. And by vertue of oone Acte in the p{ar}lyament Holden at Westm{inste}r in the ffyft & Sixt yere of the Reign of o{u}r said mooste gracyous Sou{er}ayn Lorde King Edwarde the Sixt p{ro}vided, I wille and bequethe to my right loving & welbiloved wyfe the Lady Margery Cowntesse of Oxenford and in full & p{er}fyte recompence allowans & satysfacc{i}on of all suche her dower as shee or any other in her name, or for her can or may at any tyme hereafter haue challenge or demaund in owte or by reason of any maner of ffreehold land{es} ten{amen}t{es} or heredytament{es} whiche were myne or vnto me at any tyme duryng the mariage of or espowsall{es} betwene me the said Erle and the said Ladye Margery Cowntesse my wyfe had or celebrated, the Man{er}s of Tylburye next Clare Downham Eston hall Netherhall in Gestingthorpe Gernons in Tenderyng & Brownes Ten{emen}t in Toppysfeld in the Cowntye of Essex, and the Man{er}s of Eston Mawdytt Thorpe Malforde Marston Trussell & Langport with thapp{u}rtenaunces in the Countie of Northampton, the Man{er} of Bylton w{i}th thapp{u}rtenances in the Countye of Warr’, all & sing{u}ler the land{es} & ten{amen}t{es} called Paynes in Pentlawe and all & sing{u}ler the Man{er}s & Heredytament{es} called Monslowe with the membres & Norton in Hales in the Countye of Salop And yf the same Man{er}s & Heredytament{es} in the said Countye of Salop be alyened by me the said Erle before my decesse, then I will vnto my said wyfe all & sing{u}ler suche Rent{es} as I shalbe intiteled vnto in or owte ^\\of// the same Man{er}s & Heredytament{es} or any of them in the said Countye of Salop, To haue and to holde all the same Man{er}s and other the premysses with all & sing{u}ler their app{u}rte{n}au{n}ces vnto my said wyfe & her assignes for terme of her lyfe in the name and for her Ioynto{u}r in full recompence and allowans of her Dower as is before exp{r}essed & declared Also I give wille and bequethe vnto my said wyfe to her p{ro}pre vse Twoo Hundred powndes in redy money to be paid vnto her by myn Executo{u}rs as they convenyently may levye the same of the Man{er}s Land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & Heredytament{es} to them hereafter in this my present laste wille & Testament by me wylled & bequethed It{e}m I wille give & bequethe vnto my said wyfe to her p{ro}pre vse asmoche of my plate as I shalbe worthe at the tyme of the delyu{er}ye thereof oone Hundred powndes, all & sing{u}ler suche my plate as shalbe or remayn in the custodye of my said wyfe or of anye other by her meane or Delyu{er}e at the tyme of my decesse to be accompted p{ar}cell of the said plate to her bequeathed And I wille and bequethe to the same my wyfe to her p{ro}pre vse all suche Stuff of Howsehold & other thing{es} as are and been mencyoned or appoynted to her in oon Scedule wrytten in p{ar}chemyn herevnto annexed, All whiche said plate Howsehold Stuff & other thinges vnto my said wyfe laste bequethed I wille shalbe to her delyu{er}ed by my said Executo{u}rs within Eight week{es} next after my decesse. It{e}m I wille and bequethe vnto my Sonne Edward Lorde Bulbek Twoo Thowsand Mark{es} of Lawfull money to be paid & delyu{er}ed vnto hym wythin oon quarter of a yere next after he shall accomplisshe his full age of oon & Twenty yeres. And in Caase the said Edward my Sonne shall fortune to decesse before he shall accomplysshe his said age of xxjti yeres, whiche god defend, then I wille the said Some of Twoo Thowsand Mark{es} to be payd & devyded equallye vnto and emong{es} my Brodern Awbry Veer Rob{er}t Veer & Geffray Veer at suche tyme as my said Sonne Edward shulde haue accomplysshed his said age of xxjti yeres, yf he had so long lived And yf any of my said Brodern shalbe then decessed, I wille that his p{ar}t & porc{i}on of and in the said Twoo Thowsand Mark{es} shalbe paid vnto & emong{es} the Chyldren of the same my broder so decessed. Also I wille give and bequethe vnto the said Edward my Sonne all the residewe of my plate nat being given & bequethed in this my laste wille & Testament together w{i}th all suche Howsehold Stuff & thing{es} as are and been appointed & declared vnto hym in the said Scedule herevnto annexed all the same stuff & thyng{es} to be delyu{er}ed by my said Executo{u}rs or their Executo{u}rs vnto the same my Sonne at his said age of xxiti yeres. And yf it shall fortune the said Edward my Sonne to decesse before he shall accomplysshe his said age of xxjti yeres, then I wille and bequethe vnto the said Lady Margery my wyfe the newe Trussyng bedd & hangyng made at Hedyngham by Iohn Butcher w{i}th a nother Trussyng bedd w{i}th the Hanging of blewe Sarcenett lyke Tynsen imbrodred w{i}th a Clothe of Bawdekyn appoynted in the said Scedule to my said Sonne Edward, the same to be delyu{er}ed to my said wyf w{i}thin oon Moonethe next after the decesse of the same Edward my Sonne And yf it shall fortune the said Margery my wyfe to decesse, and me the said Erle to haue at the tyme of my decesse oon other lawfull wyfe, I then wille and bequethe to the same my other lawfull wyfe all & sing{u}ler the said legacyes & thing{es} vnto my said wyfe by me before in this my present Testament willed and bequethed. To haue holde and enioye to the same my other lawfull wyfe in as ample & large man{er} as my said wyfe shall shulde owght or myght haue holde or enioyed [sic] the same in caase she shall fortune to ou{er}live me the said Erle And I wille to eu{er}ye Gentylwoman whiche shall attend and be in s{er}uyce w{i}th my said wyfe at the tyme of my decesse nat amountyng aboue the nomber of Six Gentylwomen, the Some of fower Mark{es} to be paid vnto them w{i}thin oon yere next after my decesse. And where in and by the said Acte of p{ar}lyament emong{es} other thing{es} it is inacted that the Lady Kateryn my dowghter shulde haue & p{er}ceyve owte of certayn my Man{er}s Land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & heredytament{es} by the same acte appointed to be & goo after my decesse by the space of Twentye yeres to the payement of my dett{es} and p{er}formyng of my laste wille & Testament the Some of oon Thowsand pownd{es} in caase the same my Dowghter shalbe maryed & orderd in her maryage by me the said Erle her ffather or by myn Executo{u}rs or by the mooste p{ar}t of them / My very meanyng & will is And I give & bequeathe by theise p{re}sent{es} vnto the same Lady Kat{er}yn my Dowghter the Some of ffyve Hundred Mark{es} of lawfull money w{i}th twoo ffedderbedd{es} and all thing{es} p{er}teynyng to the same vppon Condyc{i}on that the same my dowghter shalbe orderd aswell in her maryage as in her kepyng & Custodye in the meane tyme by my said Executo{u}rs or by the more p{ar}t of them or by the s{ur}vivo{u}r of them, And in caase she shall nat be orderd by my said Executo{u}rs or by the more p{ar}t of them or by the s{ur}vivo{u}r of them according to the meanyng of this my Laste wyll, then I wille that she shall forfayte and loose my said legacyes & gyft{es} to her herein by me willed & bequethed / And yf it shall fortune the said Ladye Kat{er}yne to decesse before shee shalbe maryed, then I wille & bequethe the money to her bequethed by this my laste wyll & Testament to the said Edward my Sonne to be payd to hym by myn Executo{u}rs at his full age of xxjti yeres, And yf she shalbe maryed in the lyfe of me the said Erle by my p{ro}vysyon & advauncement, I then wille and bequethe vnto my said Sonne Edward so moche of the said money by me before bequethed to my said dowghter in this my said laste wille as I shall paye for her in maryage in my lyfe and shall nat in any wyse or by any meanes be therefor indetted at the tyme of my decesse. And I wille that myn Executo{u}r{es} shall haue and p{er}ceyve owte of the Man{er}s Land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} and Heredytament{es} to them by me bequethed in this my Laste wille & Testament the Some of Twoo Hundred pownd{es} to & for the fynding & bryngyng vp of the said Kat{er}yn my Dowghter vntill suche tyme as she shalbe maryed And yf it shall fortune the same my Dowghter to decesse before she shalbe maryed, then I wille that aswell the said Some of oone Thowsand pownd{es} to her given by the said Acte of P{ar}lyament, as the said Some of ffyve Hundred Mark{es} by me to her ^\\before// bequethed shalbe payd by myn Executo{u}rs vnto the said Edward my Sonne at his full age of xxjti yeres. And in Casse I the said Erle at the tyme of my said decesse shall happen to haue any other Chylde or Chyldren then I nowe haue, I wille the same Chylde & Chyldrene to be advaunced towerd his or their lyving suche Somes of money owte of the legacyes bequethed to my said Sonne Edward & my said Dowghter Kat{er}yn and owte of the land{es} bequethed to myn Executo{u}rs toward{es} the p{er}formans of this my Laste wille as vnto the same myn Executo{u}rs or the mooste p{ar}t of them or the s{ur}vyvo{u}rs or s{ur}vyvo{u}r of them shalbe thowght meete & convenyent It{e}m I wille give and bequethe vnto my Broder Albry de Veer ffortye pound{es} of Lawfull money, twoo ffeddyrbedd{es} w{i}th all thing{es} therevnto app{ur}teynyng fower dyap{er} table Clothes suche as hathe byn occupyed for myn owne borde Twelf dyap{er} napkyns Six table Clothes of Canvas whiche s{er}ued in the hall oone Garnysshe of vessell & oon Geldyng / And I bequethe to my Broder Rob{er}t de Veer Thyrty pownd{es} of lawfull money / And to my Brother Geffray de Veer I bequethe Thyrtye pownd{es} of lawfull money, oon ffedderbedd w{i}th all thing{es} therevnto belongyng & oon Geldyng All whiche said Somes of money to my said three Bredern seu{er}allye by me bequethed I wille shalbe to them paid by myn Executo{u}rs as they ^\\may// convenyently Reyse & p{er}ceyve the same owte of the Man{er}s Land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & heredytament{es} to them by me Hereafter wylled & bequethed. And the said ffedderbedd{es} & Geldyng{es} to my Broders Albry & Geffray bequethed I wylle shalbe to them delyu{er}ed by my said Executo{u}rs w{i}thin Eight week{es} next after my decesse / And I also wille & bequethe vnto my right welbiloved Syster Elyzabeth Lady Darcy Twentye pownd{es} sterlyng{es}, to my Sister Anne Sheffeld widowe Ten pownd{es} sterling{es}, to my right entierbeloved Brother in Lawe S{ir} Thomas Darcy knight Lorde Darcy of Chyche and Lorde Chamb{er}leyn of the King{es} mooste Hon{or}able Howsehold oon Hundred pownd{es} of lawfull money and oone of my best horses, Vnto my deere and right assured [added in Oxford’s hand over an erasure] louyng wyf margery Countes of oxinforde % % % % % % % % Threeskore pownd{es} of lawfull money and oone of my horses. And vnto my trustie & faythefull friende & Cownsaillo{u}r Iohn Lucas Esquyo{u}r fforty pownd{es} of lawfull money and oone Geldyng / All whiche Somes of money in the Laste article before bequethed I wylle shalbe payd & delyu{er}ed by myn Executo{u}rs as the same may be levied & borne owte of the Man{er}s Land{es} ten{emen}t{es} & heredytament{es} Hereafter by me to them bequethed. It{e}m I wylle and bequethe vnto my Broder in Lawe S{i}r Thomas Goldyng Knight oon of my Geldyng{es} to be delyu{er}ed vnto hym w{i}thin Eight week{es} next after my decesse. And I wille geve & bequethe vnto eu{er}ye oon of my s{er}uau{n}t{es} whiche are wrytten and named in the said Scedule herevnto annexed and whiche shalbe and contynue in my s{er}uyce at the tyme of my decesse, all suche yerelie payement or yerely annuytie as vnto hym is wrytten lymyted & appoynted to be payd in the said Scedule, The said yerelie payement or yerely Annyutye to be payd to eu{er}ye suche my s{er}uau{n}t his Executor or assigned duryng and by the space of Ten yeres next after my decesse by my said Executo{u}rs owte of the Man{er}s Land{es} t{enamen}t{es} & Heredytament{es} to them by me hereafter in this my p{re}sent laste wille & Testament willed given & bequethed And the Residewe of all & sing{u}ler my gooddes & Cattall{es} Iuell{es} dett{es} owyng vnto me & other thing{es} nat before by me bequethed, I wille give and bequethe vnto myn Executo{u}rs hereafter named towerd{es} the payement of suche dett{es} whiche I doo owe and towerd{es} the fullfillyng & p{er}formyng of this my p{re}sent laste wyll & Testament And I mooste hartely Requyre & Charge my said Executo{u}rs that they doo content & paye or cause to be contented & payd in as convenyent & brief tyme as they maye after my decesse all & sing{u}ler suche Dett{es} & dutyes as I shall owe to any p{er}sone or p{er}sones at the tyme of my decesse. And that they shall recompens compound & satysfie or cause to be recompensed compownded or satysfied all & sing{u}ler wrong{es} Iniuryes & trespasses by me at any tyme before my decesse co{m}mytted p{er}petrated or doon ^\\or by me p{ro}cured to be co{m}mytted p{er}petrated or doon// the same being p{ro}ved by sufficyent wytnesse before or vnto my said Executo{u}rs or the more p{ar}t of them to be true & vnsatysfyed at the tyme of my said decesse. And I also Requyre & charge my said Executo{u}rs to fullfill execute & p{er}forme all & sing{u}ler the gyft{es} & legacyes by me made bequethed or declared in this my p{re}sent laste wille & Testament and in the said Scedule herevnto annexed and in eu{er}ye of them according to my very intent & true meanyng expressed or mencyoned therein And also I wille and charge my said Executo{u}rs to keepe maynteyne & cause to be ordered & honestly loked vnto, my said Brother Geffray de Veer and all suche land{es} & thing{es} whiche hathe been are or shalbe vnto hym geven or assured by vertue of the said Acte of p{ar}lyament or other wyse. And I wille bequethe assigne and appoynt vnto myn Executo{u}rs hereafter in this my present laste wylle & Testament named, the Man{er}s of Tadyngston & Aldham w{i}th their app{u}rtenau{n}c{es} in the Countye of Suff{olk}, And all & sing{u}ler my Mesuag{es} land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & heredytament{es} in Tadingston Aldham & Hadley in the said Countye of Suff{olk}, the Man{er} of Waborne in the Countye of Norff{olk}, and all & sing{u}ler my Mesuag{es} land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & heredytament{es} in Waborne or elswhere in the said Countye of Norff, And my Man{er}s of Wyvenhoo Newers Battellyswik Moche Canfeld Moche Bentley Dodyngherste Lammarshe & Wakes Colne w{i}th their app{u}rtenau{n}c{es} in the said Countye of Essex, And all & sing{u}ler my Mesuag{es} land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} & heredytament{es} in Wyvenhoo Newers Battellyswyk Alresford Grenested Est Donyland Moche Canfield lyttill Canfeld Highe Rodyng Hatfeld Reg{is} Moche Bentley Thoryngton lyttill Bentley ffratyng Dodyngherste Shenefeld Lammarshe Moche Henney Alphamston and Wak{es} Colne in the Countye of Essex, To Haue & to holde all & sing{u}ler the same Man{er}s Mesuag{es} land{es} Ten{amen}t{es} and heredytament{es} vnto the same myn Executo{u}rs their Executo{u}rs & assignees ymmedyatly from & after my decesse vnto the ende & terme of Twentye yeres from thens next followyng and fully to be completed and ended, to the intent, that the same myn Executo{u}rs their Executo{u}rs & assignees shall haue and receyve the yerelie Rent{es} Revenues & p{ro}ffytt{es} thereof co{m}myng & growyng w{i}thin the said Twentye yeres towerd the payement & satisfacc{i}on of my bequest{es} & legacyes in this my said laste wille & Testament specyfied or conteyned and of suche dett{es} & dutyes as I shall owe to satysfie or paye at the tyme of my decesse / And the Executo{u}rs of this my p{re}sent Testament & laste Wille I doo Ordeyn Constytute & make my said right Trustie and welbiloved ffriendes, the said S{i}r Thomas Darcy knight Lorde Darcy of Chyche, the said lady margery ^\\my// wyf and the said Iohn Lucas Esquyo{u}r And I ordeyn (blank) of this my said laste Wille & Testament to be Sup{er}viso{u}r whome I mooste hartely Requyre to be ayding to my said Executo{u}rs in the p{er}formans thereof And for his paynes & goodnes therin I give & bequeathe vnto hym (blank). In witnesse whereof to this my p{re}sent Laste wille and Testament subscrybed w{i}th myn owne p{ro}pre hand I the said Erle haue sett my Seale of Armes the Daye & yere firste abouewrytten.

(signed) Oxynford

(in the hand of Thomas Coe)
M{emoran}d{um} the xxviijth daye of Ianuarye in the firste yeare of the raigne of our Soueraigne Ladie Quene Marye the firste [=1554] the said Erle of Oxenford in the p{re}sence of vs Iohn Tourno{u}r Iohn Bothe & Thomas Coe his S{er}uau{n}t{es} dyd put oute one Sir Iohn Gat{es} Knight his late executo{u}r and in the place of him the ladie Margery his wyf w{i}th his owne hand
T. Darcy
Iohn Turno{u}r
Iohn Bothe
Thom{a}s Coe

{signed) Iohn Lucas

BL Stowe Charter 634

The Scedule in p{ar}chemyn whereby and wherein I Iohn de Veer Erle of Oxenford haue seu{er}allye appoynted vnto my welbiloved wyfe the Ladye Margery Countesse of Oxenford and vnto my Sonne Edward Lorde Bulbek certayn of my Howsehold Stuff and other my Cattall{es} & thing{es} / And also I haue lymyted and appoynted vnto dyverse of my Servaunt{es} seu{er}allye certayn yerelie Annuyties as yerelie payement{es} to be payd to them accordyng to the effect and intent in my Laste wyll and Testament wherevnto this Scedule ys annexed specyfied and conteyned

The Stuff of Howsehold Catell and other thing{es} appoynted by this Scedule to be & go to the Ladye Margery Countesse of Oxenford

ffirste a Trussyng bedd hangyng of Crymsen velvett powdered w{i}th angell{es} and broderyng flowers paned w{i}th whyte Damaske
It{e}m a Trussyngbedd Hanging of purple Tynsen satten paned w{i}th blacke ^\\velvett// powdered w{i}th clowd{es} wepyng Eys & Dropps w{i}th five Curteyns of blewe Sarcenett
It{e}m a Trussing bedd hangyng of blewe Tynsen satten paned w{i}th Redd velvett powdered w{i}th pomegranett{es} w{i}th three Curteyns of redd & blewe Sarcenet
It{e}m a Trussing bedd hangyng of blewe tynsen satten paned w{i}th purple velvett powdered w{i}th Molett{es} w{i}th three Curteyns of yellowe & Redd Sarcenett
It{e}m a Sparvar of grene Damaske paned w{i}th Tynsen satten of Brydges w{i}th Curteyns of redd & yellowe Sarcenett made faste to the same
It{e}m a Sparvar of Estate of redd satten powdered w{i}th blewe bores & Letters and my olde Lordes Armes
It{e}m twoo Counterpoynt{es} of Venus & Cupid
It{e}m oone Quylte of Redd Sarcenett
It{e}m a Counterpoynt of Tapissarie having Saynte George in it
It{e}m a Counterpoynt of Tapissarie w{i}th twoo graye Hownd{es} in it and Huntyng Storyes
It{e}m a Counterpoynt of Course Counterfett Arres w{i}th a great Lyon in it
It{e}m Six pecys of Tapissarie Verdurys & Beast{es}
It{e}m vij pecy{es} of Hangyng{es} sometyme for the greate Chambre at Colne
ffetherbedd{es} xij
Cusshens xij
Carpett{es} for Tables & Cupbordes x
Sheet{es} xxiiijti payer
Blankett{es} x payer
It{e}m twoo Chayers of Crymsen Velvett
It{e}m oon Chayer of Blacke Velvett
It{e}m all the Lynen of the Ewrye saving suche Lynen as I haue geven to my Brother Albrye Veer
It{e}m all my kechyn Stuff savyng suche Brasse as I haue geven to my Sonne Bulbek
It{e}m three Garnysshe of Vessell
It{e}m Ten Geldyng{es} & Nagg{es} w{i}th Sadels Bridell{es} and all thing{es} p{er}teynyng to them

The Howseholde Stuff Catell and other thing{es} appoynted by this Scedule to be & Remayn vnto Edward Lorde Bulbek

ffirst a newe Trussyng Bedd Hangyng made at Hedyngham by Iohn Butcher then Broderer the grounde of Crymsen Satten
It{e}m a Trussyng bedd hangyng the grounde of Blewe Sarcenett lyke Tynsen enbrodered w{i}th Clothe of Bawdekyn
It{e}m a trussyng bedd hangyng made of a Sparvar of Russett & yellowe Satten paned w{i}th my Lorde Cursons Armes w{i}th Curteyns of Lyke colored Sarcenett.
It{e}m a Trussyng bedd hangyng made of a Sparvar of Estate of Redd whyte & blewe satten paned powdered w{i}th letters, vyolett{es} & Root{es}
It{e}m a Sparvar of course blewe Tissue paned w{i}th redd velvett pirled, w{i}th Curteyns of blewe & yellowe sarcenett made faste to the same
It{e}m a Counterpoynt of yellowe satten of bridges w{i}th a pane of redd Satten of Bridges in the Myddest
It{e}m a Counterpoynt of Crymson satten of Bridges powdered w{i}th Borys and Cale greanute [4 minums]
It{e}m a Quylte of blewe right satten lyned w{i}th redd buckerome
It{e}m a Counterpoynt that the ffrencheman made
It{e}m fower pec{es} of Counterfett Arres of whyte w{i}th Angell{es} sometyme belongyng to Hedyngham
It{e}m a newe Quylte of Redd & yellowe Taffataa made at Hedyngh{a}m
It{e}m Seven pec{es} of fyne Counterfett Arres with Bysshops armes
It{e}m ten pec{es} of Tapissarie w{i}th fowntayns
It{e}m Seven pec{es} of newe Hangyng{es} bowght by me Lorde of Gunter
It{e}m twoo newe Cusshens of Crymsen velvett & oon of blewe velvett bought by Thomas Thorowgoodd
It{e}m a long Carpett for a Table of fyne Counterfett Arres w{i}th Antyke woorke
It{e}m oon longe Carpett wrought lyke lacys of Turky making
It{e}m oon greate Travesse of Redd and blewe chaungeable Sarcenett
It{e}m Twoo Travessys of orrenge Towney & blewe chaungeable Sarcenett
It{e}m oon lyttell Travesse of Taffata Redd & blewe chaungeable
Item of the best ffetherbedd{es} & bedd{es} of downe – Twentye
It{e}m Seven pec{es} of Hangyng{es} of Counterfett Arres and Morrans for the greate Chambre at Hedingh{a}m
It{e}m fower pec{es} of hangyng{es} of Counterfett Arres of the Storye of Tullius Hostilius
It{e}m twoo small tapett{es} of Right Arres very olde
It{e}m fyve pec{es} of Counterfett Arres the grounde grene powdered w{i}th blewe borys & Crosbowe Rack{es} and twoo small peec{es} cutt owte of the same
It{e}m a greate Herce Clothe of blacke velvett w{i}th Angell{es} Molett{es} & garters
It{e}m twoo newe Chayers oon of Crymsen velvett & oon of blewe velvett bowght by Thomas Thorowgoodd
It{e}m oone greate Brasse Pott and fyve of the greteste and best Brasse Pott{es} Seven Iron Rack{es} w{i}th twoo at Hedyngh{a}m
It{e}m oon Racke w{i}th vij barres fower Boylyng Ledys w{i}th Twoo at Hedyngh{a}m oone Cawderne in the Skaldyng howse there
Twoo hangers & oon Iron in the Chymney at Colne
It{e}m all the rest of my plate not bequethed
It{e}m my greate Cofer of Iron wherein my plate doothe stand
It{e}m a lyttill Cofer called Iacke of Bullen
It{e}m all my Armorye Harnesses & weapon to the same

The Annuyties or yerelye payement{es} whiche are lymyted & appoynted by this Scedule to be & goo seu{er}allie to certayne of the seruau{n}t{es} of the Right Honorable Iohn Erle of Oxenford as followethe

Genilmen waytyng vppon the said Erle

Henry Goldyng vjli xiijs iiijd
Thomas Almott vjli xiijs iiijd
Iohn Turno{u}r vjli xiijs iiijd
Thomas Coo vjli xiijs iiijd
Edward Bruxbye liijs iiijd
Iohn Drurye liijs iiijd
Iohn Carowe liijs iiijd
Rob{er}t Chrystmas liijs iiijd
Mr ffreeke liijs iiijd

Yeoman attendyng vppon the said Erle

Robert Wyllett xxvjs viijd
Rob{er}t Brewster xxvjs viijd
Lewes Iegon xxvjs viijd
Thomas Bridge xxs
Bennett Campe xxs
Willyam Grave xxs
Thomas Robynson xxvjs viijd
Thomas Pullen xxvjs viijd
Iohn Potter xxvjs viijd
Edmond Chapman xxvjs viijd
Ledgard London xxvjs viijd
Iohn Laye xxs
Rychard Woodd xxvjs viijd
Laurence Alyston xxs
Rob{er}t Sorrell xxs
Richarde Clarke xxs
Rob{er}t Symon xxvjs viijd
Wyllyam Mathewe xxvjs viijd
Antonye Dennye xxvjs viijd
Iohn Brydge xxs
Laurence Reye xxs
Wyllyam Hutton xxvjs viijd
Iohn Watson xxvjs viijd
Thomas Hawk{es} xxs
Wyllyam Honger xxs
Iohn Bonde xxvjs viijd
Wyllyam Gylderslewe xxs
Adam Pollye xxvjs viijd
Iohn Warde xxs
Iohn Blaxall xxs
Wyllyam Porter xxs
Iohn Carter xxs
Iohn Roguls xxs
Iohn Mabbe xxvjs viijd
Geffrey Carter xxvjs viijd
Rob{er}t Pollie xxs
Albon Bridge xxs
Thomas Thorne xxvjs viijd
Willyam Bysshop xxvjs viijd
Thomas Smyth xxs
Symon Codwell xxs
Water Harvie xxs
Edward Watson xxvjs viijd
Leonard Newton xxs
Wyllyam Lyster xxs
Thomas Iohnson xxs
Raphe Iacson xxs
Richard Spurgyon xxs
Wyllyam Kyng xxs
Iohn Mondaye xxs

[Grand total = 59]
[bottom right column cut out; might have included a list of grooms]

(signed) Oxynford

[Thanks to Alan Nelson for text.]

March 1, 1552/3: The 16th Earl of Oxford bears the sword at the opening of Parliament.

[From a paper of precedents in MS, L. 15, in Coll.Arm. p. 130.]

“Anno 7 Ed. sexti the first day of Marche the king kept his parliament within his pallace at Westminster. The(y) proceded from the gallery next into the closet, thorough the closett into the chapell to service, every man in their robes as at this day. Therle of Oxford bare the sword, and the marquis of Northampton as great chamberleyn went jointly with him on the right hand. The lord Darcy beinge lord chamberleyn bore the king’s trayne, and was assisted by sir Andrew Dudley, chief gentleman of the privy chamber.”

February 17, 1558/9: Old Countess of Oxford is buried.

[From The Diary of Henry Machyn]

“The xvij day of Feybruary was a herse of wax [erected] gorgyously, with armes, a ix dosen penselles and armes, [for the] old lade contes of Oxford, the syster to the old Thomas [duke of] Norffoke, at Lambeth.

[MS. Harl. 897, f.80.]

“Anne, daughter of Thomas Howard, second duke of Norfolk, K.G. and widow of John 14th earl of Oxford, who has died in 1526.”

October 5, 1559: The 16th Earl of Oxford conducts the prince of Sweden into London.

[From The Diary of Henry Machyn]

“[The] v day of October cam to [London by Ald]gatt the prynse of Sweythen, and [so to Leadenhall], and done Gracyous-strett corner in a howse stod [the lord] marques of Northamtun and my lord Ambros Dudley [and other gentlemen and] ladies; and my lord of Oxford browth (him) from Col[chester] and my lord Robert Dudley, the master of the quen(‘s) horse; and trumpettes bloyng in dyvers places; and thay had [a great] nombur of gentyllmen ryd with cheynes a-for them, and after them a ij C. oof yomen rydyng, and so rydyng over the bryge unto the bysshope of Wynchastur(‘s) plasse, for [it] was rychely hangyd with ruche cloth of arres, wrought with gold and sylver and sylke, and ther he remanyth.”