Works of E. K. Chambers

The Mediaeval Stage, Volume I, 1903 (PDF)

I. Minstrelsy
II. Folk Drama

The Mediaeval Stage, Volume II, 1903 (PDF)

III. Religious Drama
IV. The Interlude

The Elizabethan Stage, Volume I, 1923 (PDF)

I. The Court
II. The Control of the Stage

The Elizabethan Stage, Volume II, 1923 (PDF)

III. The Companies
IV. The Play-Houses

The Elizabethan Stage, Volume III, 1923 (PDF)

IV. The Play-Houses (cont)
V. Plays and Playwrights

The Elizabethan Stage, Volume IV, 1923 (PDF)

V. Plays and Playwrights (cont)

Shakespeare A Survey, 1925 (PDF)

William Shakespeare, Volume I, 1930 (PDF)

Shakespeare’s Origin
The Stage in 1592
Shakespeare and His Company
The Book of the Play
The Quartos and the First Folio
Plays in the Printing-house
The Problem of Authenticity
The Problem of Chronology
Plays of the First Folio

William Shakespeare, Volume I, 1930 (PDF)

Contemporary Allusions
The Shakespeare-Mythos
Performance of the Plays
The Name Shakespeare
Shakespearean Fabrications
Table of Quartos
Metrical Tables
List of Books