Shakspere/Shakespeare Chronology, After 1616

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References — Three asterisks (***) indicate references I have yet to verify, complete, or check for consistency.

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[Forms of the name “William Shakspere” or “William Shakespeare” always appear in bold. Only authorship-related items are numbered. Items in brackets refer the reader to the date the document was actually created. Documents that refer back to earlier documents no longer extant give the earlier date in parentheses. When the date is uncertain but spans a number of years, the item is listed under the earliest date. Dating issues are discussed with each item. In many cases, purely legal Latin texts and mundane business transactions are not quoted in full. Only the first issuance of a Quarto is noted. For a complete list, see Quartos.]


***1617 Apr 18 Estreats of Rowington Court Rolls; relates to Chapel Lane cottage. “Wm. Shakespere” (referred to as deceased) (handwritten) (EKC II, 112)




***1619 Title page, Q3 (Pavier quarto) of Henry VI Parts 2 & 3 “William Shakespeare, Gent.” (printed) (EKC I, 279)

***1619 Title page, Q2 of Sir John Oldcastle, falsely dated 1600 “William Shakespeare” (printed for T. P.) (EKC I, 534)

***1619 Apr 28 Answer of John Heminges and Henry Condell in suit of Witter v. Heminges and Condell (Court of Requests) (handwritten) (EKC II, 52-57)


***1620 From “The Praise of Hemp-seed” by John Taylor “Shakespeare” (printed) (EKC II, 226)

***c.1620 [1608-1615] From a verse letter from “FB” (probably Francis Beaumont) to Ben Jonson “Shakespeare” (handwritten; in two MSS, neither autograph, dating probably c.1620) (EKC II, 223)

***c.1620 [1616-1623] Poem by William Basse “Shakespeare” (handwritten; various MS anthologies, all probably c.1620) (EKC II, 226



***1622 Catalogus Universalis pro Nundinis Francofurtensibus; Frankfort book fair list of books to be published in England between April and October 1622) “M. William Shakespeare” (printed) (EKC I, 139)

***1622 Title page, Q of The Troublesom Raigne of King John “W. Shakespeare” (printed by Aug. Mathewes for Thomas Dewe) (EKC I, 365)

***1622 Title page, Q1 of Othello “William Shakespeare” (printed by Nicholas Okes for Thomas Walkley) (EKC I, 457)

***1622 Feb 21 Indenture transferring the Globe and other properties to Matthew Brend. “Richard Burbage and William Shakespeare, gent.” (handwritten) (Wallace)


***1623 Anne Shakespeare’s grave marker, Stratford. “Anne wife of William Shakespeare” (engraved on brass marker) (EKC II, 9)

***1623 First Folio. Cast list “William Shakespeare” (printed) (EKC II, 77)

***1623 Nov 8 Stationer’s Register entry for First Folio “Mr. William Shakspeer” (handwritten) (EKC I, 138; facs. SS, 257)


***1624 Mar 12 Deed assigning the use of the Globe to Sir Mathew Brend’s new wife Frances. “William Shakespeare” (handwritten) (Wallace)


***1633 Deed describing the properties of Sir Mathew Brend. “William Shakespeare” (handwritten) (Wallace)


***1635 John Hall’s gravestone, Stratford “Will: Shakespeare, Gent.” (engraved on stone) (EKC II, 11)

***1635 c. August 1 Answer of Cuthbert Burbadge, Winifred Robinson, and William Burbadge to Petition of Robert Benfield and Heliard Swanston to the Lord Chamberlain; R.O. Lord Chamberlain’s Books (handwritten) (EKC II, 66)


***1660 (1619) Ben Jonson, quoted by William Drummond of Hawthornden “Shaksperr” “Sheakspear” (handwritten; undated transcript of Drummond’s lost original by Sir Robert Sibbald [1641-1722]) (EKC II, 207)


1700 (1602) Peter Brooke accused Sir William Dethick (Garter King-of-Arms) of “elevating base persons, and assigning devices already in use,” including the illustration below with its “appellation player…no doubt pejoratively intended.” Shakespeare is named fourth on a list. “Shakespear ye Player by Garter” written under a sketch of the arms. (SS 171-2, with facs.) (Folger Shakespeare Library, MS. V.a.350). No original doc. This reference is from a transcript made around 1700.]

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