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References — Three asterisks (***) indicate references I have yet to verify, complete, or check for consistency.

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[Forms of the name “William Shakspere” or “William Shakespeare” always appear in bold. Only authorship-related items are numbered. Items in brackets refer the reader to the date the document was actually created. Documents that refer back to earlier documents no longer extant give the earlier date in parentheses. When the date is uncertain but spans a number of years, the item is listed under the earliest date. Dating issues are discussed with each item. In many cases, purely legal Latin texts and mundane business transactions are not quoted in full. Only the first issuance of a Quarto is noted. For a complete list, see Quartos.]


***1613 Note by Leonard Digges on flyleaf of third edition of Lope de Vega’s Rimas “Will Shakespeare” (handwritten; Leonard Digges) (SS, 256, with facs.)

***1613 Jan 28 Will of John Combe in which he gave L5 to mr William
Shackspere” (Public Record Office, Prob. 11/126). (handwritten) (EKC II, 127; facs. SS, 187)

***1613 Mar 10 Conveyance recording the L140 purchase of Henry Walker’s Blackfriars Gate-house by “William Shakespeare”, William Johnson, John Jackson, and John Hemming. Below is his signature “William Shakspre”found at the bottom of the manuscript. (handwritten) (EKC II, 154 (part); HP II, 31 (full); facs. SS, 221)

***1613 Mar 11 Mortgage of the Blackfriars Gate-house. This was part of “elaborate arrangements, calling for trustees and a mortgage [whose] practical effect would be to deprive Shakespeare’s widow of her dower right to a third share for life in this part of the estate; for in a joint tenancy, Chancery would not recognize Anne’s privilege unless her husband had survived the other trustees.” (@ Schoenbaum 220). (British Library, MS. Egerton 1787). Below is his “signature” found at the bottom of the manuscript. (EKC II, 157 (part); HP II, 34 (full); facs. SS, 225

***1613 Mar 31 Record of 44s payment “to mr Shakspeare in gold about my Lordes [Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland] Impreso.” Richard Burbadge is also paid 44s for “paynting & making yt.” It is claimed that “the linking of [Burbage’s] name with Shakespeare’s effectively eliminates any doubt that it was the poet rather than some other
Shakespeare — John Shakespeare, the royal bit-maker, for example — who created the Earl’s impresa ” (@ Schoenbaum 220). Why Burbadge, a “talented amateur painter”, could not have known and worked with a second gentleman named Shakespeare is not
clear. (Accounts of the Steward, Thomas Screvin, of the Earl of Rutland, Rutland MSS. iv. 494). (handwritten; Thomas Screvin?) (EKC II, 153; facs. SS, 220)


***1614 In table of contents for second edition of England’s Helicon) “W. Shakespeare” (printed for Richard More) (Helicon II, 11)

***1614 Signature on a poem from Loves Labours Lost in second edition of England’s Helicon “W. Shakespeare” (printed for Richard More) (Helicon I, 55, 220)

***1614 From “Epistle” on The Excellecie of the English Tongue by Richard Carew, added to the 2nd edition (1614) of Camden’s Remaines) “Shakespheare” (printed) (EKC II, 219)

***1614 From Runne and a Great Cast by Thomas Freeman “Master W. Shakespeare” (printed) (EKC II, 220)

***1614 Sep 5 Survey of freeholders in Oldstratford and Welcombe . Memorandum recording “Auncient ffreeholders in the ffieldes of Oldstratford and Welcombe.” This list was drawn up by Town Clerk Thomas Greene who was concerned about possible land enclosure by William Combe and Arthur Mainwaring. “Shakspeare” is listed as holding “4 yard land” (Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office, Misc. Doc. I, 94). (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (EKC II, 141; facs. SS, 231)

***1614 Oct 28 Document recording a covenant with William Replingham which “undertook to compensate William Shackespeare or his heirs or assigns ‘for all such losse detriment & hinderance’ with respect to the annual value of his tithes, ‘by reason of anie Inclosure or decaye of Tyllage there ment and intended by the said William Replingham’ ” (@ Schoenbaum 231). (handwritten) (EKC II, 141; facs. SS, 232)

***1614 Nov 17 Diary of Thomas Greene “Shakspeare” (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (EKC II, 142; facs. SS, 233, and SS2, 76)

***1614 Dec 23 (Diary of Thomas Greene;) “Mr. Shakspeare” “my Cosen Shakespeare” (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (EKC II, 143; facs. SS2, 78)


***1615 Jan 9 Diary of Thomas Greene “Mr. Shakspeare” (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (EKC II, 143; facs. SS2, 80)

***1615 Jan 11 Diary of Thomas Greene “my cosen Shakspeare” (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (SS2, 83; facs. SS2, 82)

***1615 From continuation to 1614 in ed. 5 of John Stow’s Annales, by Edmund Howes “M. Willi. Shakespeare gentleman” (printed) (EKC II, 221)

***1615 From a book of Latin epigrams by Thomas Porter, dated at end March 12, 1614(5) “Gul: Shakespeare” (handwritten; Thomas Porter) (EKC II, 222)

***1615 Apr 26 Bill of Complaint in Bendishe, et al. v. Bacon. “Bill of Complaint entered in the Court of Chancery by Shakespere and others to obtain possession of documents relating to the Blackfriars property” (@ McMichael 17). (handwritten) (EKC II, 159)

***1615 May 5 Answer to Bill of Complaint in Bendishe et al. v. Bacon “William Shakespeare” (handwritten) (EKC II, 161)

***1615 Sep Diary of Thomas Greene “W Shakspeare” (handwritten; Thomas Greene) (EKC II, 143; facs. SS2, 86)

***1615 Oct 9 From Plea of Thomasina Ostler in suit of Ostler v. Heminges, Coram Rege Roll 1454. “Court plea of Thomasina Ostler listing Shakespeare as shareholder in the Globe and Blackfriars property” (@ McMichael 17). (handwritten) (EKC II, 58-63)


***1616 From a manuscript draft of Edmund Bolton’s Hypercritica “Shakespere” (handwritten; Edmund Bolton) (EKC II, 225)

***1616 (Cast list of Every Man In His Humour in Ben Jonson’s Works)”Will. Shakespeare” (printed) (EKC II, 71)

***1616 (Cast list of Sejanus in Ben Jonson’s Works) “Will. Shake-Speare” (printed) (EKC II, 72)

***1616 Mar 25 Last Will and Testament of William Shakspere. The
three signatures below are from each of the three pages, the last
signature being preceded by the words “By me”. (EKC II, 170; facs. SS, 243-5)

***1616 Apr 25 Record of the burial of “Will Shakspeare gent”
(Stratford parish register, burials, f. 46). (handwritten) (EKC II, 8; facs. SS, 250)

Upon the slab covering his grave is the epitaph:


***1616-22 (Monument in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford) “Shakspeare” (engraved in stone) (EKC II, 182)

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