Sir George Greenwood Portal

A Brief Biography of Sir George Greenwood

The Shakespeare Problem Restated (1908) (PDF)

In re Shakespeare: Beeching vs Greenwood (1909) (PDF)

The Vindicators of Shakespeare (1911) (PDF)

Is There a Shakespeare Problem? (1916) (PDF 40MB)

Shakespeare’s Law and Latin (1916) (PDF)
Shakespeare’s Law and Latin
(1916) [Amazon Kindle]

Shakespere’s_Handwriting (1920) (PDF)

Shakespeare’s Law (1920)

Ben Johnson and Shakespeare (1921) (PDF)

Baconian Essays (Introduction and two essays) (1922) (PDF)

Life, Shakespeare and a Tertium Quid (1923) [TBD]

Shakespeare’s Signature and “Sir Thomas More” (1924)
2nd edition of Shakspere’s Handwriting of 1920 [TBD]

The Stratford Bust and the Droeshout Engraving (1925) [TBD]